The Gate of Breakthrough

Apr 26, 2004, Isabel Allum

In the morning of April 18, as I was in presence of the Lord, I saw heaven, and I saw a gate appear in heaven. It was a big white gate and it had flowers around it. Then I saw the gate open up and then the doors of the gate disappeared. The gate was opened and could never be closed because the doors were gone. Then I looked and I saw the name on the gate and it read, "GATE OF BREAKTHROUGH". Then the Lord spoke to me and said that, "at that moment the "Gate of Breakthrough" had been opened in Heaven for his children and it was a gate that could never be closed".

In the last 4 to 6 weeks many (individually and corporately) have been waiting for breakthrough to come and instead of breakthrough, a major attack came out against them in many areas. Seven weeks ago, I saw the plans of the enemy and I saw different spirits that were coming to attack God's people (individuals, churches, and ministries). Among others, I saw a spirit of fear, a spirit of intimidation, a spirit of poverty, a spirit of great discouragement, and a spirit of deception and division whose orders were to steal, kill, and destroy God's people. I saw desperation in the camp of the enemy and he sent this attack to try to do as much damage as possible before the breakthrough was released. I heard the Lord say that, that attack would be short but very intense and then, I saw them retreat in defeat because they were not able to accomplish their mission.

As I saw the "Gate of Breakthrough" I heard the Lord say that this gate is now available for all, but walking through it is our choice. I saw people looking at it and many went through it, but I noticed that those who chose to walk through it had to do two things before going through. They had to take off these "backpacks" where they carried the issues and burdens that were heavy on them (the issues or areas in which they needed breakthrough). Then, I heard the Lord say that along with letting go of those issues, they would need to let go of their mind-sets that kept them bound to those issues because those beliefs or mind-sets would not work on the other side of the gate. No one could walk through unless they made this choice.

Then I heard the trumpets blow in heaven. I saw four angels with huge trumpets one on each corner of the earth, and they blew powerfully announcing the release of the "Gate of Breakthrough" in Heaven. Change and victory have now been released and encouragement from heaven is coming to all.