A Great Miracle

Oct 10, 2007,Isabel Allum

A day of faithfulness in the Kingdom!

Just wanted to share how amazing the faithfulness of God is. My little dog Rolo can be aggressive to other dogs when we go for walks because he was badly attacked by a big dog when he was a puppy, so now he gets defensive as soon as he sees another dog. As a result, one of my regular prayers before the Lord is that He will protect us from other dogs when we go out for walks. I do not want to be caught in the middle of a big dog fight or have a dog attack me because my dog is with me. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, Rolo and I went for a walk pass a farm we know, as we walk that way regularly. We had never seen a dog there so it was safe and good for us to go that way. As we walked, I was actually in the mist of prayer and repentance of things that the Lord was showing me in my heart when suddenly, a big pit-bull dog came running down the lane charging towards us. He was big and strong, looked like a bullet and was fierce looking. He was coming straight to attack us and was looking right at me. I knew we were in serious trouble. He got a few feet from us and was about the jump at us when I lifted my hand and yelled "NO". Immediately, he stopped on his tracks, looked upwards and cowered down in fear, then turned around and run back home with greater speed than when he came towards us. He was literally running in fear for dear life. It was as if someone was chasing him. He kept on running and didn't look back. As this happened, I was completed surrounded by the peace and presence of God. I knew an angel had stepped in between the dog and us and had taken care of it. As Rolo and I I walked away unharmed, I remembered the many times I have asked God to protect us from an situation like that, and this could have been worse than any others, as those dogs are very vicious. Suddenly, I had a much stronger revelation of the faithfulness of God and I was speechless that He had answered as He did. I also thanked the angel that came to save us. Once again I remembered that, "No other nation has a god as near to them as the Lord our God is near to us whenever we call on him". FOR HE IS GOOD AND HIS MERCIES ARE RENEWED EVERY MORNING INDEED!