An Offer from Heaven

Feb 5, 2006,Isabel Allum

On February 5, I was talking to the Lord on my way to church and he told me the following:

"I have an offer for my people. Tell my people that I am looking for helpers for the Holy Spirit". I then said to the Lord, "What do you mean? I thought we all were helping the Holy Spirit?" He replied, "No, not really. My people for the most part have become accustomed to doing their 'own thing' and asking the Holy Spirit to come and bless it. Many have actually come to believe that they are in 'charge of my work on earth'. However, things are going to change. The Holy Spirit is now going to fully take charge of my work on earth and He will build my Kingdom only. He will have full authority and will do my will on earth. I am searching the land looking for people who will work for Him and with Him, who will facilitate his work on earth, people who will help Him and not the other way around, people who will let Him be fully and truly in charge. It will be different than what has been experienced on earth before, because He will bring unprecedented power with Him. Those who will answer this call must be willing to lay down their personal plans and agendas. It is important that they understand that the Holy Spirit is not going to build their ministries and will not endorse their agendas. The Holy Spirit is about my business alone.

Then He said, "I will release a special favour from heaven for my people". (At this point I actually saw the heavens open and the favour come down). Then He said, "I am releasing a favour like the one I gave Esther. I am releasing unprecedented favour. This favour is going to open doors that no one can open. It will bring increase, power, and authority. It will cause my people to do things that are beyond their ability. It is necessary for this season to come. However, I am not giving it to them for their sake but I am releasing it to accomplish a higher purpose. It will be for the purpose of my Kingdom on earth. Just like with Esther, she did not receive that favour for her sake so she could be queen and enjoy all that entailed. She received it because God had a plan for his people. It was for Kingdom purposes." Then He said, "Tell them to be careful with what they do with this favour. It is very, very important that they do not miss use it and, that not matter what, they do not use for their own gain. That would not be safe."

At the end the Lord said, "It is important that my people volunteer for this". So his question is, "will you volunteer and respond to this offer?"