End Time Strategy

Aug 7, 2008,Ivan & Isabel Allum

About 20 years ago I had powerful dream of the events to come in the future. However, I knew it was not to be shared until the right time came. I kept this message in my heart and just recently, the Lord said, "It is now time. Share the events I showed you in that dream." For 20 years I have prayed and have pressed in to be ready for when this time. Here is the dream and its message:

"In my dream I walked into a big department store and I saw a girl I knew. She used to be a Christian friend of mine and we used to walk with the Lord together. I had not seen her for a long time and I wanted to greet her, but her behaviour told me that I should not come close. Things were not right. She was there shopping but looked very unhappy, empty, and miserable really. She used to be happy and full of life, but not anymore. Behind her, in the distance there were three big men. They were powerful and wealthy, but unkind and ruthless. They were keeping an eye on her and, I knew that they owned her. She had become their prisoner and they were using her. They were exploiting her.

She was very beautiful, and her job was to entertain business men for her owners. These men would come to do business with them, and she had to show them a good time. She had to make sure that they were so satisfied that as a result, her owners would secure the business and get their money. That was the reason why she was in the store. Some important business men were coming to town, and they had taken her there to buy anything she wanted to please the visitors. Her owners would give her anything she wanted, as long as they obtained what they wanted.

At the beginning she enjoyed that very much, and that caused her to compromise her life. She did not think that it would be a problem to compromise just at little bit, in order to enjoy all those luxuries, but, the problem was that slowly she wanted more, and began to move more and more across the line, until one day she was so far on the other side that could not turn back. She was trapped and it was too late. Now her heart was heavy. She was full of regret, unhappy, and unable to get out. She kept giving me side glances and I could 'hear' her heart's cries. I stood there for a while, making sure that those three men did not know that we knew each other and were silently communicating.

I wanted to help her but did not know how. She wanted to escape but could not do it alone. Suddenly, I noticed that all three men were distracted, so I quickly grabbed her hand and we ran out of the store. We ran as fast as we could not knowing where we were going. We knew that we did not have much time because those men would soon notice that she was gone, and would come after us. Sure enough, a few minutes later we heard engines behind us. They were riding four-wheelers and were catching up to us. We were running as fast as we could, but no matter which way we turned we were trapped because they were coming from three directions behind us. They were getting closer and closer and we were getting really tired of running. I was holding her hand and pulling her with me because she was lost and did not know where she could go.

We then realized that we were cornered. We were on a dead end road and they had parked their vehicles a few feet away from us trapping us. They were now getting off them and were coming towards us. We literally had nowhere to go and were trapped. Suddenly someone said to me very loudly, "Look Jesus is there, go He will save you!" And he pointed to the left. I looked and there was Jesus surrounded by a bunch of people. At that moment another voice yelling said to us: "Look, look over there (pointing to the right). Jesus is there. Go to Him. He will save you!" I looked and there was another Jesus there surrounded by another group of people. Then a third voice yelling said: "No, no, look over there (pointing further ahead in front of me). Jesus is there. Go, go to Him because He will save you!" Again I looked, and sure enough, there was another Jesus there surrounded by people.

I said, "No, I will not go, because neither of them is Jesus. When the real Jesus returns no one will have to tell me that He has come, because I will see Him come. Neither of them is Jesus". A man yelled at me and said: "No, listen to me. You do not have time. They are going to get you, and your only way out is Jesus. Go, go to Him and He will rescue you." And he pointed to one of the fake Jesus. I again said with great determination while holding tight to my friend's hand: "No, I do not will not go to any of them, because they are not the real one, and I will only go to the real Jesus, and they are not Him." At that moment the three men were standing behind us and stretched their hands to grab us when suddenly, the road in front of us opened up and a great brightness came down from heaven. We looked up and saw the sky opening up and Jesus descending. He was coming back to rescue us when there was no other way out for us.

It was the most glorious sight. I cannot even explain what it felt like to see Him coming back. It was completely glorious and overwhelming. The light and brightness that surrounded Him and His glory took the sight away. At that moment I let go of my friend's hand and we immediately run towards Him. The men that were following us stood there watching us run towards Jesus as well as all the other people who were with the false Jesus".. END OF DREAM

This dream carries a message about the time we are in and what is to come. It speaks of God's children and the plans of the enemy to steal from us in these last days before our Lord returns. In these days the gray areas are going to end, and it will be black and white: those who hot or cold. A great strategy has been released from hell against God's children and its purpose is to steal our destiny and the oil in our lamps. The enemy is sending out more distractions than ever in this season to cause us to move our eyes from the Lord and to compromise our hearts. For those who buy into it, it will seem harmless at the beginning and even enjoyable, and slowly they will be drawn into it a bit more and a bit more, until they cross the line. A spirit of deception will come to those who entertain it, and will blind them from the truth. We must be very very careful not to fall for it.

These distractions are the ways of the world. They involve sin of all kinds, big and small. Remember that a bit of yeast spreads through the whole batch. It also involves attitudes and behaviours of the kingdom of men (the world) like gossip, criticism & slander, negativity, envy, jealousy, false comforts and pleasures of the heart, pride, ambition, etc., etc., etc. The accuser is very active, and a crew from hell is working in our mist carrying this mission. He is going around causing hurt, division, anger, etc., and is turning the hearts of God's children against each other, and in some cases against God. It is so strong that many by their decisions and reactions are walking away from their destiny.

God in His kindness always reveals the plans of the enemy so we can defeat him. This is a time of decisions. We have been hearing in heaven this said a lot, and God has been telling us to teach His children to live by decisions and not by the soul (feelings and emotions). Feelings and emotions do not move heaven because they are from the soul and the soul is fickle and reacts according to circumstances. The soul is self-serving and only cares about its own satisfaction. The spirit however, is God serving and lives by faith pleasing the Lord. When we live by the spirit we live by decisions. Out of obedience we make the decisions that please the Lord. The Holy Spirit always responds and empowers those decisions, making it possible for us to succeed in it. When we live by the soul we are double minded and unstable in all our ways, but when we live by the spirit we build upon a foundation that will never fall.

It is urgent that we make strong and firm decisions. The decisions we make today will carry us tomorrow. This is very important. Today we decide to live for Him and to make Him happy with everything we say and do. That is the first decision we need to make. This will open the door for the Holy Spirit to help you live it out. From then on everyday when we have to make decisions big or small, even how we react, respond, or treat others, we ask ourselves, which way will please the Lord and make Him happy, and that is the one we choose even if we do not like it. This way, when the distractions come up we will be prepared and will get help from heaven.

Today we decide to follow Jesus all the days of our lives no matter the cost, and to never turn away from His ways. Many situations and circumstances will arise to challenge and discourage you, but when that happens, the decision to follow Jesus and not to turn away has already been made, and you will be able to respond correctly because the Holy Spirit will stand with you, and will give you all you need to hang in there and overcome. We have both lived through this and know that it works. Remember that a victorious Christian life does not mean that you will not struggle. Jesus said that in this world we will have tribulations, so we must decide today what we will do when the storms come our way with fog and confusion.

Psalm 84 clearly illustrates what a victorious Christian life really is. It says that even though we walk through the valley of weeping it will become a place of refreshing springs. How? By our response and reaction to the circumstances that arise. The way we respond determines if it remains a valley of weeping or if it turns into a place of refreshing springs. In other words, our response and reaction to the circumstances opens the door for the accuser and devourer to come, or for to the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, and that is what makes the difference. Reacting in the opposite spirit and in love is very important these days. This is the strategy from heaven that will defeat the ones the enemy is sending against us.

Our choices these days will allow the oil to increase in our lamps or will cause us to run out of oil, and will keep us running in circles until it is too late. The Lord told me that there is still time to buy oil and keep it running. Let's be clever and wise. Proverbs encourages us not to neglect common sense and discernment as they. Let's choose unity and let's help each other finish the race together. The Lord also said that as a result of this, there will be two camps: those who rescue and those who need to be rescued. If we make the right choices our lamps will be full and we will be able to grab the hands of those who have fallen into prisons, but whose hearts are crying out to the Lord for help, and run together into freedom until the day our Saviour comes to take us home.