God Wants to Build In You

Nov 5, 2006,Isabel Allum

A few weeks ago as I was with the Lord, He shared with me one of the problems He is having right now and gave me a message for his children.

He said, "many people are so focussed on building their gifts and ministries that they are not paying attention to their characters". The He said, "this is a big problem because for me to build, what I need and am looking for is people who invest in their character not in their gifting". He then spoke that Scripture in Psalm 127:1 that says, "If the Lord does not build the house in vain labour those who build it...etc.". He said, " many many in the church at large right now are building "houses" (ministries and gifts) that I am not building and soon it will become evident. What they are building will not last. Tell my children that if they invest in their characters, I will invest in their gifts and build in them and through them. Tell them that, I need them to develop a character that I can use to build with, a character that is good for me. I do not need their gifts to build, but I need their character. I will not give increase and release because of a great gift. I am not impressed by their gifts. It is their hearts and character that I look at. Remember I see beyond what men see, because men see the appearance, but I see the heart and I cannot be deceived."