Happy New Year - 2012

Jan 1, 2012, Ivan and Isabel Allum

Hello all, it is hard to believe that 2012 has begun…it feels like it was only yesterday that the new century started and here we are in the second decade. Time is passing quickly as all things prepare for the return of our beloved Lord!

Christmas is always such a busy time. We ministered in the nations till the weekend before arriving  back in Canada on the 19th. The tree finally went up on the 24th, shopping got done, and  30 people came over for Christmas dinner.  New Year’s Eve was busy also. We had 25 people over. It was great to be surrounded by so many loved ones who could have done many other things, and instead chose to be in our house. We are truly blessed!

As I think of this past year the main word that comes to my mind and out of my mouth is “Kindness” . The Lord has shown great kindness to us in so many ways. We have seen Him do such mighty things as we go to the nations. His presences has increased so much and as a result Heaven is manifesting more and more. We are seeing more healings and miracles. The angelic presence has been noticed  more and more. The levels of impartation have increased so much and people’s lives are being transformed. Churches and ministries are being repositioned and the doors of destiny are swinging opened. The common words we hear are: “It has been life changing and we will never be the same”. However, the greatest thing is that people are being drawn so much deeper into the Father’s heart and His love is healing them and restoring. We can truly say that we are seeing the dead and dry bones come back to life all over the world, the broken-hearted are singing again, the “blind” are seeing again, and the ‘deaf” are hearing again...certainly the Kingdom of Heaven is among us! Can you believe that we get to participate in such amazing things?

Last year we also increased our ministry in poor and small churches. There are so many places where people cannot afford to bring speakers and resources, yet they are hungry and are a great investment for the Father’s Kingdom. These are challenging in many levels but our Father’s heart is for them to receive just like the other churches and ministries. We love those places and as we go we have seen God do great and mighty things. It is such a humbling experience and we cannot believe God will entrust such treasures to us... He has been faithful each and every time and has taken care of everything. He is so amazing and His smile means more than silver and gold!

We are very grateful to everyone who prays for us. We need that more than anything else. The prayers of the intercessors move mountains, open doors, break walls, release strength and sustain us as we labour in the fields of the Father. We do not take your prayers for granted as we can feel them daily. Please visit our itinerary on our website www.ivan-isabel.com and you will see the locations and times where we will be ministering. We do ask our Father to greatly reward you for partnering with us and laying down your lives in prayer for us and for those we minister to.

Our church in London Ontario (www.forestcitydestinychurch.org) is amazing! God is moving and we are so blessed to be part of such a great work. It has been a great year and we have seen growth physically and spiritually. Much harvest is taking place and fruit is increasing. We are so proud of the team God has given us. They are champions are truly worth their weight in gold. We are so blessed having such an amazing group of mighty men and women locking arms with us as we break ground at home and in the nations. We have been praying about a building but the Lord has not seen it fit to give it to us yet, and that is fine as we trust His decisions. We are sensing expansion in many areas and new ministries are arising.

However, as it always happens it has come with a high price tag...the enemy has set up many strategies to try to stop and/or discourage us. Our Father has allowed him to touch pretty much every area of our lives: health (all three of us), relationship, finances, ministry, and anything else you can think of. But, our hearts are glad and our mouths are filled with thankfulness. We have learned to trust God in so many levels and our faith has grown so much. We can truly say that we are not the same Ivan and Isabel who we were a year ago. We have also learned to look forward more and more. After all, how long can a trial last? It is all temporary and it will pass. Everything will end at the sound of the trumpet and all things will be made new again. Isn’t it wonderful to have such assurance for the future?

Our second book is almost finished now. It has taken so long, but, when the plate is too full something has to be put on the back burner and that was the thing to temporarily sacrifice. In the meantime, our first book is now in 5 languages and soon we will need to do the fourth printing. Who would have thought? Surely the foolish things that confound the wise!

The most important thing is that the Kingdom is advancing in ways beyond what the world has ever seen before.  A long time ago, the Lord told us that the next big wave would be the increase of the presence of Jesus manifesting in power beyond understanding through people all over the world. It has began, and we are seeing that wave move all over the world. It is not massive yet but it is gaining momentum as most of us jump in and participate. However, there are many earthly mindsets keeping many for joining in. Some are stuck on “one day”, while others are expecting something to spring up somewhere in the world so they can go there to get it. Yet, it is happening all over and as more and more people get it and participate, the bigger this wave will be until it crashes all things and reaches all the corners of the world. This is not a movement or wave that will be localized in any one place or ministry in the world but it will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Every son and daughter of God is qualified and has a place in it. It is our inheritance because Jesus said that greater things than what the disciples saw back then would happen today.  It is not about being gifted or anointed, but about being willing and available to be inhabited by the greatest gift of all. The focus of this great and mighty wave is Jesus alone!!! May we all have eyes to see and may we all be courageous enough to join in and make Jesus famous today.

We have been blessed by seeing many of you around the world this past year, and look forward to sharing this new year with even more of you.

May 2012 be the year of your rewards! May you experience the goodness of  Heaven each day, and may the goodness and kindness of our Lord follow you all the days of your lives.

Thank you for you kindness to us, for remembering us in your prayers, and for being part of our lives.

Hugs and love always,

Ivan & Isabel Allum