Hearing God's Voice for Signs and Wonders

Dec 1, 2005,Ivan & Isabel Allum

Have you ever wondered why if Jesus walked on Earth as a man, He had the ability to move in such a realm of power that nothing was impossible for Him? Scripture tells us a key to Jesus' power on earth was that, "He only did what He saw the Father do" (John 5:19). Jesus lived in the kingdom of men, but belonged to the Kingdom of God, which is a kingdom of power where all things are possible. We, too, belong to the kingdom of God, but temporarily live in the kingdom of men. What is the difference? The difference is Jesus had Kingdom mentality . He knew anything the Father said was possible because He knew his Father had the power to make it happen. Therefore, He was able to "do the will of God on earth as it is in heaven" (Matt. 6:10).

I have been to heaven several times and something that always amazes me is the way everyone thinks in heaven. In heaven, God rules and reigns in fullness. His authority and power are absolute and whatever He says is "incontestable". When the Father speaks in heaven, the heavenly beings do as He says without question. Everything is possible, just because God said so. It is a fact, not a possibility. The greatest problem on earth is that we have a very hard time believing what He says and acting on it. Why? Because we have an earthy mentality and our mindset is to question things according to circumstances and to limitations around us, instead of believing that "if God says it, then it is possibleregardless of circumstances". God has no limitations and has ALL power. Nothing is impossible for Him!

Signs and wonders belong to the Kingdom of Heaven, and through the Holy Spirit we too can "see" what the Father does, so we can do it in like manner. As children, we all have access to the realm of our Father. How do we "see" what the Father does? We do it through the revelatory gifting's He gave us, just like we do when we prophesy. We all have one ormore ways in which we hear God, such as: hearing God's voice audibly or with the ears of the heart, visions, dreams, sudden thoughts, discernment, impressions, visitations, revelations of the third heaven (having direct access to the heavenly realm and the throne room of God in the body or out of the body (2 Cor. 12:2) and others.

It is easy to hear and believe possible things, but God wants to speak impossible things. He wants us to expect and believe so that, "his will can be done on earth as it is in heaven". Jesus said, "greater things than He did we will do" (John 14:12). What is the key? Kingdom mentality. We must learn to think like Jesus did in order to believe like He did, to expect like He did, and to do like He did. He saw what the Father did. He believed His father and did in like manner. As a result,He saw heaven come to earth through signs, wonders, and power. This is available for us today, but remember, the Kingdom of God cannot be reasoned by human minds, but it can be experienced and released through child-like faith today.