Heaven's Call

Jan 1, 2011,Ivan and Isabel Allum

Response, rewards, and acceleration are three words that we have been hearing from Heaven a lot for this season.

For several months now Heaven has been shouting: “All hands on deck!” “All hands on deck!”. That is an amazing invitation for EVERYONE, men, women, and children young and old. Heaven is not looking for gifted and anointed people anymore but, for anyone and everyone who is willing and available. Today gifts and anointing are simply tools to do the job at hand, not the thing that qualifies us. When there is a call like this, people work together in unity. The ruler and the peasant will stand side by side because it is not about their individual ministries but about a common goal: the advancement of the Kingdom.

Many are hearing this call from Heaven and are responding but more are needed. There are many who feel unqualified, rejected, inferior, and many have been passed by in the past, but YOU are needed today and we can assure you that there is room for you. Perhaps you do not know what you can do, but be sure that something will be given to you. Those who respond to this call will receive a new portion from Heaven. The rewards of stewardship are ready to be released. For centuries Heaven has been collecting the talents that many have buried or dropped on the ground, and they are being given to those who are willing to invest them. In this season more will be added to those who respond to this call from Heaven. We will get to do things that we never thought were possible for ordinary people like us. Therefore, do not look at what you can do, but be ready to receive the more that God has for you. As result of this, you will see your unfulfilled promises come to pass, because most of those promises are for the building and advancing of the Kingdom of God.

Then, as you respond and receive the new talents supernatural acceleration will overtake you. You will be propelled forward into your destiny. The Promised Land is now at hand. The waters have parted and we can walk in. Yes, there are giants to fight in order to possess it but, their protection has been removed from them, so do not be afraid. This is a season of corporate breakthrough but, you have to become violent and take it force (Matt. 11:12). The tomorrow we have been waiting for has become today. There is no more time to wait. There is excitement in heaven because the revealing of the children of God is taking place. Heaven is investing on earth like never before, and there is room for everyone who wants to become active and participate.

May you have ears to hear to hear the call from heaven:“All hands on deck!” May you be courageous to respond and are violent for the Kingdom and your destiny. May you collect the rewards of stewardship that are being released, and see supernatural acceleration come into your lives and circumstances. Heaven is calling for you!!!!