Invest in God's Kingdom

Feb 21, 2006,Isabel Allum

On February 22, I had a dream from the Lord in which He gave me a message for his people, which I now will share with you: In the dream the Lord said that, " right now there is an opening in heaven to invest in his Kingdom. During this time any investments that my people make in my Kingdom will bring immediate dividends". Then He said, "Tell the people to invest in my Kingdom. Tell them to invest everything they have, not just finances, but everything they have such as, their gifts and talents, their resources, their time, their lives, homes, families, etc. Everything they are and have. Anything they invest right now during this season, will bring immediate dividends". There was a sense or urgency in his voice... "do it now".

In the dream I stood in front of many people and churches telling them this message and I saw people react in different ways. Some received it and responded, but others did not care about it. Some were too busy to be bothered. Some had plans and agendas and didn't care so they got up and walked away to carry on with their business. Whole churches walked away.

As I saw that, my heart was grieved. I saw them and I said, "how can this be? God is giving them an amazing invitation to partake of something awesome, something new. I knew that what God was offering was beyond anything we had ever seen or known. God was offering his people to invest into his Kingdom and partake of it. The heavens were open to release immediate dividends to each investment, and they did not care". I was shocked and deeply grieved by the lack of response of many. I felt so sad for the churches that walked away.

Then the Lord said, "those having ears cannot hear what the Spirit is saying". As I heard the message from the Lord, I knew that it was important to warn people regarding the motivation of their hearts. This was very important. God is giving us an incredible invitation from heaven, and there is an open heaven to invest right now in his Kingdom, but be careful that no one does it for personal gain, but do it for the sake of God's Kingdom.

Everyone, individuals, churches, and ministries that respond to the Lord will partake of this. Each one has something to invest, some have more than others, but that is not important. No matter what it is, even if it is "small" in your eyes, your investment will bring immediate dividends in and for the Kingdom. Everything will be used. Invest and do it now, because Heaven is open.