Message About the Last Two Waves

May 4, 2008,Isabel Allum

On Wednesday April 2, the night that the healing revival broke out in Florida I had an amazing dream about that wave breaking out and another one to come. In my dream I was with a little girl around 5-6 years old, who was my daughter. We were in a hotel that was huge and had many floors and many rooms. The hotel was in a beach and all the rooms had an ocean view. We were in the room and there were some people I know there and others I do not, but they were family. We were watching the ocean through the balcony door, and told my little girl to come out with me to the beach to see the ocean closely. As we came out I looked up and saw the most amazing wave I had ever seen. It was as high as the building and was standing like a wall waiting to fall. It was pure clean water and looked amazing. It stood there for a little while and then crashed down, and because it was so huge it splashed water everywhere. We got soaked and the water was very very refreshing. When it was over, I turned to keep walking to the beach and to my surprise, there was a much bigger wave standing in front of the building again. This next wave came unexpectedly and very fast. It followed the one that had just fallen, but It was way bigger than the other one one. I looked at it and thought, "Oh my goodness what is going to happen now? How are we going to manage this wave? It is massive. What will happen when it crashes down?" Again, it was very clear and clean water like the first one but a it was a much more powerful wave and it was 'alive'. That is the only way I can describe it. It had a life of its own and and power. I also noticed that the ocean had moved all the way into the beach. There was no beach, and the wave was standing right in front of the building with no space in between. It stood there for a while, not too long though, and then crashed down. Because it was so big and high over the building, it completely engulfed it and all that was around. It had a huge crest that splashed and run everywhere, further beyond what anyone expected. After getting soaked even more with this next wave, I felt an urge to go back inside. When we got back to our room there were more people there and we gathered to look out through the balcony doors, when suddenly outside everything turned black, and then in the distance there were huge flames of fire, which ended soon but then sky turned red on the horizon, and the black and red were very scary to look at. There was a sense of terror outside, and it definitely was not safe out there. People were getting very afraid, but we were safe because we were together inside the building. Then suddenly it all disappeared, and the day was clear again, the waters were calm, blue and clear, the sky was completely blue and clear, and everything was incredibly peaceful. The sense of peace was overwhelming and we knew everything was fine. We were really shocked to see how quickly it changed because we thought that the blackness was going to last much longer, but it was intense and short. End of dream.


Of course, we are seeing and experiencing the splashing of this huge wave that has broken in Florida. Its waters are going everywhere and we love it. Yet, as great as this is, there is another one coming after, that is going to surpass this one, and will cover way more territory and will have much more power. I know it is hard to imagine, but it will be. The next one will have a different 'life' and power in it, but it will be the last one. And after that, the time of terror will come to the world as the prophecies of old predict. There is an urgency in heaven for intercessors to arise and cry for the mercy of God for the world. For their eyes to see and their ears to hear so they can respond and be saved. For evangelism and a passion for the lost to increase, and for all Christian churches and ministries to prepare for the collection of this harvest so not one seed will fall through the cracks. These two last waves of revival are different than what we have seen and heard before, because after them, the end will come. Time is shorter than we think.