Newsletter December 2010

Dec 16, 2010,Ivan & Isabel Allum

Hello dear friends and family,

It is hard to believe another year has passed, but it truly has been a fruitful year. We are living in the times when each day counts because our dear Saviour will soon appear. No one knows the time and the hour but, as Jesus said, the seasons are pointing in that direction, and our hearts burn for His return. There is a tremendous acceleration taking place on earth, and Heaven is calling people to arise, take up their inheritance/promises/destiny and run with it. Scripture says that the violent take the Kingdom by force, and we are in the time when we, God’s children, can be all God created us to be. A great army is rising on earth and it includes us all. The Kingdom of our Father is advancing and we are the wheels taking it forth. How exciting is that!

Our new church plant in London (Ontario) is thriving. We truly have stepped into a well in the land. This is a place rich with promises from God and years of prayers of many intercessors now being answered. Many pioneers have come to open the way for the River that comes from the throne of God to flow, and most have left after a while feeling that they failed. But they did not fail, they broke ground for us to come and start where they ended. We are so grateful for them because we are collecting the harvest of their great and hard labour. God is moving in London and we getting to be part of it! Our 6 month old church is already touching the city and the nations. Yes we have had challenges but, God is showing Himself strong, and is bringing down the giants that try to arise. God has also given us an amazing team and without exaggerating, they are the best one in the whole world.

We meet at a local high school on Sundays. It has been a blessing as God has given us tremendous favour with the school people, and they bend over backwards to help us. However, we needed a place to gather and have other meetings during the week, and where can host people, so on the strength of one prophecy we stepped out and bought a house in London to use for church and ministry. God sure knows how to keep our faith growing! After all, He is a God of miracles! We still live in Stratford as our daughter who is special needs is established in a good school program here and we cannot take her out. So, for a least two more years we will have to go back and forth between cities.

We also continue going to the nations. This year we have seen an increase of impartation and release. Great deposits are being released and people (individually and corporately) are being repositioned as destiny manifests, and massive shifts take place. There has also been an increase of the presence of heaven and angels in the meetings and as the hunger of the people increases God’s power moves. We had a bad spell of sickness in the spring and summer, but we continued ministering as the Father said, “Go!”, and He used that as a great opportunity to show Himself strong. He moved and heaven poured down on the people with demonstrations of signs and wonders, but what truly makes the difference is that the presence of Jesus and the Father’s love have increased greatly. We are seeing the dry and dead bones coming back to life, the ‘blind’ are seeing, the ‘deaf’ are hearing, and the broken hearted are singing again. Surely the Kingdom of Heaven is here! We are so grateful to be alive and serving the Lord in a time such as this.

We have also been busy finishing our second book. Due to our new church plant and the health challenges, we put it off for a year, but everything is coming together for the book to be out in the next six months. We appreciate the patience of many who have been asking and waiting for its release. We will notify you as soon as it is ready.

As we look at the New Year we are filled with anticipation at what our Father will do since He has promised greater things. We are forever grateful to the intercessors who stand with us as we build the Father’s Kingdom. We are very aware of your prayers and feel them sustaining us and opening the way. Please know that we do not take them for granted as we know we can never do this alone. We pray that our Lord who is so faithful will reward you abundantly and grant you the desires of your heart.

We also want to deeply thank everyone who has invested in our Kingdom Fund. Thank you for being part of the work we do in the nations. We have been able to minister in places where otherwise we would have not been able to go. We have been able to facilitate ministry for others, send/take others to the nations, bring some to be trained and equipped, and have also provided resources to many. We pray that you will receive 100 fold back, and that you and your family will collect great dividends for this investment.

For now we want to wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with the goodness of our Father. We pray that 2011 will be a year you will never forget. May it be the tomorrow you have been waiting for, and may it bring the fulfilment of your promises and possession of your destiny. We have enjoyed seeing many of you at home and in different parts of the world and, look forward to seeing you again. But until then, may our Father bless you and protect you. May He smile on you and be gracious to you. May He show you His mercy and give you His peace.

Much love, hugs, and blessings,
Ivan & Isabel Allum