Prepare for the Greatest Harvest Yet to Come

Jun 23, 2008,Isabel Allum

In early 2007, on a Sunday morning during worship I saw heaven open up and a spirit of repentance descend from heaven. The Lord then said that the season of the great harvest is at hand and for that He is going to rise up Evangelism on earth, as it has never been seen before. But that in order for it work a spirit of repentance had to first be released on mankind. That spirit of repentance will cause the hearts of people to respond to the message of evangelism.

About six months later as we were in worship, I saw in a vision that the spirit of repentance had descended more but was hovering over the earth. I asked the Lord why was it still hovering over instead of falling down on people? He said that it was because people do not believe Him and are not preparing. He said: "For a long time I have been telling my people to prepare for the harvest to come, and even though they say 'yes', they are not preparing the house to receive it. If I let that spirit of repentance fall on mankind multitudes will respond and get saved, but where would I send them? Right now they would fall through the cracks and get lost and I will not waste this harvest. I need my people to prepare and set everything up for them in the same way that a family prepares for the arrival of a baby. They do not wait till the baby is born in order to prepare the room, the crib, the clothing, etc. No, they prepare everything before hand and when the baby is born everything is ready for him.

That is what I need my people to do. This harvest will bring people in all shapes and conditions, who will need different kinds of help, healing, acceptance, etc. There will also be anointing for the prodigals to come home, but they will need a different kind of reception, acceptance, embracing, and restoration. Provision must be made for them before I send them, because they are many and need to be safe"