Season of Opportunity is at Hand

Feb 22, 2006,Isabel Allum

On June 23, the Lord gave me a message for this people. It is a message for the season at hand and an answer to many who have calling out to Him.

As I was in the presence of the Lord, I looked up and I saw a multitude of doors and windows that had been prepared in heaven. They were of many different sizes and shapes. Some were round, some were small and some large, some had very odd shapes and did not look as nice or appealing as others did. However, I noticed that they all had the same background. They all led to the same place: the Kingdom of Heaven . Regardless of their shape and size I knew that each door and window opened the way to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven . A while later I saw that all these doors and windows had come down from heaven and were suspended in the heavenly realm and would soon come to the natural realm. They were descending to earth and soon would be visible to many.

As I looked at them, the Lord spoke to me and said, "All these doors and windows you see are opportunities that are coming to my people on earth. They have all been prepared in heaven and all of them will open my Kingdom to people. They are Kingdom opportunities. A season of opportunities is coming and it will happen everywhere at the same time in a way as it has never happened before. Doors and widows of opportunity will appear in front of many suddenly and unexpectedly. Be attentive and watch for them so you can recognize them and not miss them. When you see them act quickly and take them. These opportunities will release my Kingdom on earth, but they will not last long in front of you. Be careful because many will look at them and get caught in their appearance. Some will dismiss them and reject them because of that. Some will compare them with others and will be jealous of what comes to others. Envy will rise up in their hearts causing them to despise them and walk away from them. However, those who understand the meaning of this message will walk through those windows and doors and inherit the release of this promise."