Sickness and Finances

Mar 17, 2006,Ivan & Isabel Allum

As Ivan was praying on the weekend the Lord told him that all this sickness we are seeing in the church is an "onslaught of persecution" from the enemy against the church especially in this part of the world. He said that the enemy planned two strong strategies to persecute the church: sickness and finances.Many are under financial persecution. Most of us have had the mentality that "we do not suffer persecution" in this part of the world, and therefore, the strategy of the enemy is to cause the church to "accuse" God for this, and cause their hearts to grow cold and if possible lose faith and turn away from the Lord. We need to call the people to look at it for what it is: "persecution on the church" and stop accusing God thinking, feeling, and saying: How can God let this happen? How come if He is a loving father....??? How come, how come, how come...????

The church in the Western World has not been prepared for persecution and is not aware of this kind of persecution and therefore, the enemy is advancing and bringing destruction in more ways than physically (there is disillusionment, frustration, unbelief, division, accusation, death, etc). We need pray accordingly and prepare the people and give them a strategy to advance through persecution (to deal with it) and release the Kingdom causing the enemy to retreat.

Love and Blessings,
Ivan & Isabel