The Trumpet Call

Aug 2, 2005,Isabel Allum

We are entering into one of the greatest visitations from heaven that the world will ever see. For so long we have waited for "tomorrow" to come. The tomorrow that holds our promises and dreams, the tomorrow that will bring release, the tomorrow that the prophets of yesterday and today have spoken of...however, that tomorrow has become "today". There is no more waiting because it is here. The page has been turned on the calendar and the time is now. It is time to awaken from the slumber that many entered in "while waiting". It is time to take off the "robes of complacency" that many put on "while waiting". It is time to let go of the unbelief, doubts, disillusionment, & discouragement that many embraced "while waiting", and answer the call of the trumpet from heaven that is calling us to come forth out of the caves and take on our destiny.

In the spirit I went to these places. I walked through the caves of discouragement, broken dreams, unbelief, slumber, complacency, unbelief, and more, and I saw the many children of the living God who are captive there. Men, women, and children were there. It was sad and my heart was broken as I held many in my arms because I knew they were mighty and strong and had a great destiny. Then I heard the Lord say, "tell them to awaken and believe again. It is time to come out. It is time to believe and dream again. It is now time for destiny to come. It is time." Then I saw the angels come with trumpets and stand in front of the caves. They blew the trumpets and as they blew, light came into the caves and the children of God who were there began to walk out of those places. I still hear those trumpets in the heavenly realm. They get louder and louder each day. Those angels are going back and forth through the streets of the nations blowing the trumpets. There is a multitude of them. Then I heard the voice from heaven say that , "for three more months the angels will blow the trumpets throughout the world". May your ears be open to hear the trumpet call, may your hears be awakened, may you have the courage to respond to the trumpet is time indeed......