What If There is No More Time

Jun 23, 2008,Isabel Allum

At the beginning of May for three days I kept hearing the Lord say in heaven, "What if there is no more time?" I heard that over and over, and over for three straight days. Then on the forth day He said, "Ask my people: What would you do if there is no more time?" I then understood what He was saying. After the dream of the two waves when I saw that the end is coming, I realized that God is serious about us taking this seriously. Yes, it is true that Jesus said that no one would know the day and the hour for His return but, He said that we would recognize the times and the signs; yet, there is a strong mindset in us that causes us to procrastinate about so many things including what God wants us to do. We always think that we can do it later and many times later never comes. But when a person knows that they are going to die and only have so long to live, things quickly change specially priorities and they take it all very seriously. Suddenly the silly things that used to consume them no longer are important. They start making their days count because; there is no more time. I remember when I was going to marry Ivan and leave Costa Rica for good. I knew I only had three months left and that would be it. I immediately began to prepare and my priorities shifted. I reviewed it all and began to do the things that were important and mattered so nothing would be left undone or neglected, because there was no more time.

Then on the fifth day I had a vision of heaven. I saw a room in heaven that was big. It was a different room than I have seen before. It was not the throne room or the strategy room, but it was an important room. There was a large table there and some very large books on it. There were three or four angels busy with those books and one big angel who seemed to be in charge was standing by the head of the table. The angels were reading from the books. In each page there was a name and an address. Each person was listed by name and address. The address seemed to be important. Then I realized that it was because there are more than one Martha 'Smith' in the Kingdom of God, so, they separated them by their address. This was really interesting because sometimes when we prophesy over people we hear the Lord say, "I know them by name and address", now I know why.

Anyway, under the name and address of each person there were three columns. The first one listed every single promise God has given that person since the beginning. The second column listed every single promise or commitment that that person has made to the Lord. The third column listed every deed that person has done for the Lord.

As the angel read the first column the head angel asked: "How many of those promises have been fulfilled?" The other angel marked the ones that had been fulfilled and separated the ones that had not been fulfilled. Then as he read the second column the head angel asked, "How many of those promises and commitments to the Lord has he or she fulfilled? Again, the angel then marked off the ones that that person had fulfilled and separated the ones that had not. Then when the third column was read, the head angel asked, "How many of those deeds have been rewarded?" The angel again marked the ones that had, and separated the ones that had not been rewarded yet.

Immediately at that moment the story of Mordecai in the book of Esther came to my mind. Mordecai had done a great deed for the king, which saved his life, yet his deed was not recognized. Mordecai continued sitting by the gate every day and then one night the king could not sleep and asked for the books of remembrance to be brought and read to him. In there he heard about what Mordecai had done for him and asked what kind of reward had Mordecai received. "Nothing" they said, so the king ordered that a proper reward be given to him immediately. At that moment, I looked to the side of the books the angels had and realized that the angels were reading from the books of remembrance of heaven. They were reviewing the books of remembrance.

Then the head angel said, "For three months day and night these books will be reviewed in heaven and, at the end of the three months unfulfilled promises will start being fulfilled. The unfulfilled promises and commitments that people have made to God will be called and they will be held accountable for them, and unrewarded deeds will be rewarded".

I stood there speechless because I realized that we do not have a book remembrance on earth were we record all things and most of us have forgotten... Many people cannot recall all the promises they have received from the Lord personally and in prophecies, but they are all recorded in that book in heaven. I then thought of the so many times that people quickly make promises and commitments to the Lord in private and at church when the preacher makes a call and we stand saying, "yes I will do it", but then, we forget all about it. However, every one of those promises and commitments are recorded in that book under each of our names. Then the last one, that one is not bad if we have forgotten because God has kept track of our deeds and He will give us the reward. I remembered that in the last two years as we have prophesied over people we have heard the Lord say more and more: "Prepare for your reward/harvest is coming". Now we know why.

At the end the head angel said to me: "Everything is now being prepared because‚ there is no more time". I knew then that we need to prepare and respond accordingly, and also have to prepare people to remember because and it must be done quickly because indeed, there is no more time.

When this revelation ended I knew that we need to take things more seriously and prepare because acceleration is coming for all these things and more to come to pass. May you have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying!