Hearing the Fathers voice

The desire of every person is to hear the Father’s voice. This is the cry of the lost as well as of every Christian. John 10:4 “His sheep follow Him for they know his voice”. This is one of the greatest frustrations in life. If God is alive, why won’t He speak to me? We feel that through the prophetic and through training, all Christians can have a paradigm shift in their life and relationship with the Lord, knowing that understanding the Father’s heart and love is key to hearing his voice. Many have searched for the voice of the Lord only to be disappointed when they feel they have failed to hear Him. The Father wants to be found and heard. He wants relationship with mankind. Our desire is that all should hear the voice of the Lord and walk in a new living relationship with Him, correctly discerning his voice and fulfilling the things He speaks to them. †

Ministering the Father’s heart

Ministering the Father’s heart is the best way to describe the way Ivan and Isabel minister in the prophetic. They both have a very strong, deep, and powerful revelation of the Father's love, which is evident in their teachings, ministry, and character. They live-in and stress intimacy with the Father as the greatest key to unlock his Kingdom here today. Through their testimonies, journey they clearly reveal the Father's heart and love. More and more people say how "they had a personal encounter with the Father" when Ivan and Isabel ministered to them or by hearing their teachings. They bring a great sense and understanding for the need of mature prophetic ministry, which speaks the Fathers heart. Their ministry is characterized by their passion to serve the Bride of Christ, to bring healing to people’s lives, to reveal destiny and identity to them, and to release the Father’s heart and his Kingdom to those they minister to and to those they teach and mentor in the prophetic. Ivan and Isabel were raised up and fathered by John and Carol Arnott, who imparted into them the need to love the Body of Christ and to minister to others with the Father's love. Ivan and Isabel have learned to find the source of prophecy in the Father's heart and the fruit of it is evident wherever they go.†

Teaching Training And Equipping

Ivan and Isabel have an prophetic ministry, which has been widely recognized by the Body of Christ in many nations around the world. They travel and minister to hundreds of people on a regular basis bringing healing, life, and encouragement to their hearts. Another important part of their ministry is to impart and release the prophetic anointing in people’s lives, churches, and ministries. They have the ability to clearly and simply teach and model the basics of how to hear God’s voice and prophesy. They also teach how to receive and discern personal prophecy, how to walk into your prophetic destiny, how to minister in different realms of the prophetic such as corporate and personal prophecy, prophecy to the nations, words of knowledge, discernment and interpretation of dreams & visions, supernatural and third heaven revelations, visitations, the seer's anointing, healing, prophetic and apostolic strategy, prophetic evangelism, prophetic worship and intercession, counselling, preaching, teaching, and much more. They also minister to pastors and leaders around the world and teach them how to raise and pastor the prophetic in their midst. They bring vision, direction, and revelation, to individuals, churches, and ministries, and as a result, many have been transformed, have been set on their course to destiny, and are fulfilling their destiny on earth. They do not only reveal the destiny but equip people on how to attain it.

Ivan and Isabel stress the importance of the Father’s love, compassion, and mercy in all their teachings and training, bringing a refreshing and uplifting attitude to the prophetic. Their desire is to raise up people who will make the Father known as they minister to others. Their ministry is also characterized by a powerful gift of impartation that releases the prophetic mantle and imparts the anointing wherever they go. They also carry authority to release heaven on earth, and power for miracles signs, and wonders. More and more people state that "they will never be the same" after they met Ivan & Isabel.

They have been regular speakers and ministers at the Toronto Airport School of Ministry and Leaders' Schools, and since 1995, they have been imparting, teaching, training, and activating God’s people to minister prophetically in many countries around the world. They bring a helpful balance between the excitement of the prophetic and the pastoral concerns for the flock. Because of their non-threatening approach, they have been able to introduce the prophetic ministry to churches in denominations that never accepted it before. They also bring prophetic insight, vision, and strategy to pastors, leaders, churches, and ministries, and also provide apostolic insight and tools to those wishing to restructure their lives and ministries according the God's plan for them. They have seen thousands of people "catch the wind and sail into their promised land ".

Ivan and Isabel do conferences, seminars, and teach schools on a regular basis around the world.†

How to hear God’s Voice

All are called to hear God’s voice. When we focus on how God speaks to us it is easy to hear his voice. It is important to hear and focus on his voice instead of listening to the confusion that comes when we try to hear Him. Hearing the voice of God comes out of relationship with Him. As we get to know Him, He shares his heart with us and then his voice becomes familiar. In order to prophesy we must know his heart, because the Father's heart is the source of all prophecy. Ivan and Isabel in a simple and practical way teach people how to get there. †

Prophetic ministry

What is the prophetic and what is the difference between Old Testament and New Testament prophets? How do you know if you are a prophet or just have a prophetic gift? What is a false prophet? How about words of correction? What is the difference between training prophetic people and “grooming” a prophet? What about your character? How do we grow in the prophetic and overcome hurdles? What do you do after receiving a prophetic word? How do you develop prophetic strategy? How do you enter into your prophetic destiny? How can your prophecies release the Kingdom of Heaven in your life today? What should pastors and leaders do when people receive prophetic words? What is the pastoral heart of the prophetic? How do we raise and pastor the prophetic around us? These are some of the questions that are commonly asked. Ivan & Isabel address these and other issues for the local church body. †

Prophetic Activation

Prophetic activation is simply jump-starting the prophetic utterance which is inside. This is one of the most exciting experiences for those trying to harness their prophetic gifting. Ivan & Isabel bring-in a very practical setting and an exciting experience for those who wish to go deeper in the prophetic and those who feel they are not prophetic at all. Their strong gift for imparting the anointing is when people spend time with them. After participating in a session of prophetic activation with Ivan & Isabel people find themselves prophesying with an ability to test each “word”. Ivan and Isabel also provide personal mentoring and training to those who want to grow further and to those who are already ministering prophetically but face the challenges of learning how to go deeper and further in their ministry so they can reach the "next level". They have the ability to teach people how to break through and grow in their ability to prophesy and to groom those who are called to a prophetic ministry. †