PJ and Kathy

"In July of 2003, my wife and I received a word from Ivan and Isabel Allum at a Pastors Camp in Ontario, Canada. We have been in Christian Ministry for the past 30 years and have had many prophets prophesy over us and have known many prophets. Yet, the words we received that day were so accurate and filled with the Father's Heart for us that we are still.

Not only was every thing was what we were praying about confirmed and answered, but we felt like we had been in the presence of the Father. Needless to say we invited them to our church and they came in August of last year (2004) for a Prophetic Conference. During the conference Ivan & Isabel brought wonderful equipping messages on the prophetic ministry (they are also very good teachers) and ministered tirelessly to every single person in attendance. The words were incredibly accurate, confirming all that God was saying and doing in the lives of the people. We shook our heads in amazement as one after another, the call of God was confirmed in each individual. But what impressed us the most was that people not only heard accurate words form God, but felt and experienced the heart of the Father for them. The result was truly amazing. People are still talking about it and are holding onto their words and "fighting the good fight" (1Tim 1:18) with them. As a pastor I can scarcely recall any visiting ministry affecting a church like the Allum's affected ours. If you are looking for a prophetic ministry that will equip you and your church for the days ahead, this is it."

PJ Hanley, Pastor of Banner of Love Christian Fellowship, Port Ewen, NY USA (PIH)

David and Charmaine

"Ivan & Isabel have been dear friends of ours since the late '80s and we have always appreciated their passion for encouraging, healing and training the church body -- often to our own personal benefit. So much so that when we became the Directors of the School of Ministry at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, we took the first available opportunity to book them in to teach our students about prophetic ministry. As a result, their ministry became one of the most anticipated and appreciated during the five-month program. Their teaching is clear and responsible, their pastoral/prophetic gifts strong and their prayer ministry compassionate and seemingly tireless."

-- David & Charmaine Hicks, former Directors of the TACF School of Ministry.

"Ivan & Isabel have a unique prophetic ministry. Their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is precious. Their love for every member of the body of Christ was a privilege to witness, as they came amongst us and modeled the servant ministry of Jesus. Their visit to our church gave us a wonderful revelation of the Father Heart of God. As a couple they personify 2 Corinthians 2v14 - through them the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus is spread everywhere. We truly thank God for His gift of Ivan & Isabel to us, and without hesitation or reservation recommend you invite them to your church!! "

-- Andy & Sharon Britton Kingsway Church Manchester, England